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When choosing a cinema camera, or any film equipment for that matter, InnerCat Films chooses only the best the industry has to offer. We utilize a range of cameras like the RED Cinema Ranger and Weapon bodies with 35mm Helium 8K sensors to capture virtually perfect footage without any compromises, especially in shooting scenarios that many other cameras would not handle. Sony FX3, considered the smallest entry in Sony’s Cinema Line of cameras who’s sensor is shared on its bigger sibling, the Venice 2, which is the last piece of our camera arsenal. The Venice 2 is Sony’s next generation motion picture camera, the Venice 2, builds on the first Venice platform of usability, quality, and ground breaking color science.


InnerCat Films utilizes industry standard lenses from the biggest names in the industry. From large telephoto anamorphic lenses from Angenieux, visually tantalizing Cooke prime lenses, Optically perfect and clear translation from Zeiss, or the dynamic and robust Ultraprime’s from Arri. Lens choice is not a limiting factor in our productions. We even carry an assortment of Sony lenses that pair perfectly with the FX3’s.



Lighting your scenes are just as important as the camera and lenses you capture with. If your lighting is subpar the final product is anything but exceptional. This is why InnerCat Films only uses industry standard movie lighting from Arri, Astera, and Nanlux to make sure every scene is lit to its absolute highest potential, without introducing problems for our crew or the final product. From HMI’s to Titan Tube’s and more we have a robust assortment of lights in house that guarantee only the best final product.


One of the biggest factors in a successful production is the integrity of the tools that support the camera and lighting crews. InnerCat Films utilizes tools from companies like Inovativ, Bright Tangerine, Teradek, and Matthews to guarantee that whatever equipment gets used, it will hold up to the toughest shots. Near instant transmission from Teradek wireless video and lens control units, heavy duty yet expandable storage and gear transport from Inovativ Carts, or bomb proof grip equipment from Matthews. No production InnerCat Films puts on takes place without the best the industry has to offer.